Splinter, you infected my mind.
Eyes might be closed, but I'm not blind.

Splinter, swallow your lies.
You, with your 'fuck-me' eyes.
Tormentor in disguise.

Splinter, under my skin.
Burrowing deeper in.
Where I end you begin.

Pain if I cut you out.
Pain if you stay, no doubt.

Splinter inside me,
With your warped duplicity.
Shard of cruelty.

Splinter parasite.
Taint my day and haunt my night.
There's no peace in sight.

Spinter in my skin.
Spinter inside me,
In too deep to set me free.

Spinter inside me.
Splinter parasite,
Taint my day and haunt my night.

Soprano: Burrow in...
Alto: Splinter in my skin, burrow deeper in, I end you begin.

Soprano: ...to my skin
Alto: Splinter inside me, warped duplicity, shard of cruelty.

Soprano: Burrow in...
...to my skin.

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